Ain’t A Scratch On Me

Ain’t A Scratch On Me


This photo was taken on August 17, 2007 - Big Bear, CA

It was sparring one afternoon and Rampage was dishing it out as good as he was receiving it. Check Kongo & Michael Bisping were giving Rampage no room to breathe and some guy nick named “King Kong” was trying to put Rampage down and that really pissed him off.

Kong and Rampage got into a heated punching exchange and the gym echoed with a solid thud of a punch. Like a lighting bolt out of the sky King Kongs body goes limp and hits the mat. 

Rampage screams…

“Maaaann, Get this Mua’fucka outta here.!! You can’t come into my camp and try to knock me out! Ain’t no crowds or TV Cameras here. Who the fuck do you think you’re playin wit?”

Rampage walks outside and one of the trainers follows to try and calm him down..

As the trainer puts a towel over his head, Rampage says to him, 

“Thank you. I’m fine. He didn’t hurt me. There ain’t a scratch on me.”

This is a Limited Edition Giclée on cotton fiber paper. 

Photographer, Eric Williams, signed the artwork in the presence of a Notary Public.


The image Size is 22 x 30

Approximate framed size 27 3/4 x 35 3/4 


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