All I Want For XMAS

All I Want For XMAS


This photo was taken on March 3, 2011 in Temecula, California

I found myself documenting Dan Henderson again in Columbus, Ohio when he was fighting Feijao for the Light Heavyweight Title in Strikeforce. He won that fight and once we returned to California, I thought this would be as good a time as any to shoot Dan with his 3 PRIDE titles and the Strikeforce belt. 

Now, if you’ve never been around Dan during one of his funny moods, he does this unsuspecting thing with his teeth to creep kids out. His front teeth have been damaged or knocked out during various points of his career and rather than replace them while still fighting, he got a removable plate that he puts in. When he would catch a child staring at him he’d push the plate with his teeth out of his mouth and hang them on his lip and kids would loose it. 

He did it to me and it freaked me out so I imagine a child probably had nightmares.

Once we finished the belt portrait, I asked him if he’d remove his plate and smile. It wasn’t coming off the right way because I needed him to actually laugh instead of smile. My brother being the joker of the crew cracked a joke about some woman that was trying her best to pick Dan up at a traffic light. She was missing most of her teeth and he said..

“Hey Dan.. That woman at the light was perfect for you my man.. Ya’lls schedule would sync up real nice. While you’re training she can just borrow your teeth so she can eat and bring em back when you’re ready to get your eat on or you have an interview.”

Dan lost it, laughed hard and I got the shot I wanted.

When it popped up on the screen, Dan actually liked it. My brother sang the jingle..

“All I want for XMAS is my 4 front teeth..” Hence the print name.

This is a Limited Edition Giclée on cotton fiber paper.  

The photographer Eric Williams, signed the artwork in the presence of a Notary Public.


The image Size is 32 x 40 

Approximate framed size 37 3/4 x 45 3/4 


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