This photo was taken on May 5, 2010 in Hollywood, CA.

My idea behind this photos was simple. Chuck Liddell is to MMA what Muhammed Ali is to boxing. When people would talk about the UFC, the name that most would instantly know or say was Chuck Liddell. Every boxer has loads of respect for Muhammed Ali and MMA Athletes are no exception. The UFC was still in it’s infancy so who better than Chuck Liddell to represent MMA and pay respect to the Greatest Of All Time, Muhammed Ali.

The stylist for this shoot Kithe Brewster, had a Black Muhammed Ali robe commissioned for this shoot, rather than a white one, as MMA was the Black Sheep of combat sports. When Chuck put it on, it not only looked perfect, but it felt right too. As Chuck walked down Sunset Blvd, people blew their horns in support, girls screamed that they wanted to give him their panties, and a few people stopped their cars to get a picture and an autograph. It was a perfect shot, with the perfect athlete on a perfect Southern California day.

This image is one that I’m extremely proud of, because Muhammed Ali owned one of these before he passed away.

This is a Limited Edition Giclée on cotton fiber paper. 

The photographer, Eric Williams, signed the artwork in the presence of a Notary Public.


The image Size is 32 x 40

Approximate framed size 37 3/4 x 45 3/4


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