Fuck You Very Much

Fuck You Very Much


This photo was taken on May 5, 2010

One fine day in Southern California, I got a room at the Sarah Hotel on Sunset Blvd to do a shoot with Chuck Liddell for the ICON issue of Fighters Only Magazine. It was going to be more of a lifestyle shoot which meant expanding Chuck’s day to day style but not pushing it too far to where he would be uncomfortable. Chuck shows up, a bit nervous but willing to try anything and he sat in a chair for the groomer to work with him. There was a hotel employee lurking around and he saw Chuck in the room with his shirt off getting his face and hair worked on and then the stylist was having him try on various outfits.

I was still loading my gear and grip into the room, and the hotel manage screams out at me..“Hey, there are no porno shoots here my friend. We don’t do that at this hotel. You can’t shoot porno’s here. When you got this room you said nothing about any kind of shoot! I’m calling the police!”

Hearing the words “I’m calling the Police” shot fear up my spine even though we were completely within our rights to use the room as a base camp set up. I wasn’t shooting anything on the property, so all should have been fine. 

If the LAPD showed up, I know they were not going to listen to my side of they story. We would have to leave. So I went to the hotel office, and paid him $250.00 extra to let us stay.

I get back to the room and Chuck was dressed in a black jacket with leather accents, no shirt, pinky ring, a necklace, bracelet and some Prada shades. His mohawk and goatee were lined up and honestly I was impressed. He wore it well and it fit that rebel style he likes. I asked him, how does it feel not to be in a Tapout shirt, jeans and flip flops? He responded with a smirk, a massive fist and a middle finger.

I took that as a “Fuck You Very Much” let’s get this over with kind of response, which to me was funny.

As uncomfortable as Chuck may have been, he got what I was trying to do with him and this image is one of my all time favorites of him.

This is a Limited Edition Giclée on cotton fiber paper. 

Photographer, Eric Williams, signed the artwork in the presence of a Notary Public.


The image Size is 32 x 40

Approximate framed size 37 3/4 x 45 3/4


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