This photo was taken on March 21, 2014 at Anderson Silva’s Private Gym in Torrence, CA.

I started working with Georges St-Pierre in April of 2008 and I did my first shoot of Anderson Silva in June of 2008, just 3 months apart. I worked with GSP for 6 years and 9 years with Anderson and during this time the question would always come up from media, friends and fan. Who did I think would win in a fight. It has been the talk of the industry at times and I’ve always wondered this myself.

These two athletes have captured the hearts of their respective countries and each of their coaching teams have whispered about it among themselves. Sometimes the talk was as if they were prepping for the fight but for the most part it was very complimentary of the other. In all that time I never once heard Anderson or GSP speak ill of the other. They always had the highest level of respect for each other and in 2012 I started testing the waters with each of them to gauge their personal feelings about the other. Never asking in front of their coaches, friends or any other athletes, always in private.

When GSP was in town for rehab on his 2nd ACL replacement, I knew I had to put this shoot together or it was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. I started working to find a place to shoot it and there was no place would be more private and safer than Anderson’s personal gym in Torrence. I went to Georges with a complete creative deck and about 2 minutes into the talk he says…

“You want me to do a shoot with Anderson Silva don’t you?

I said Hell yes, I do want you to do it. I think the two of you are cut from the same cloth, you’re both amazing people and if you don’t do this now, it’ll never happen, cause ya’ll are never going to fight.

Georges said… “Man, you know what. I’ve never even had a conversation with the guy. I’ve said hello when I saw him but that’s about it. Yes. I’ll do it. Yes. This will be a good thing”

I called Anderson and set up a time to go see him. I showed him the same deck, gave him this whole spiel about MMA and Sports history, Ali and Joe Frazier’s shoot..blah..blah.blah.. He looked at me for about 30 seconds, didn’t utter a word and busted out with a….

“Yeeeeeaaah Man! Let’s do it. I like the and respect the St-Pierre. He is amazing and a true champion” Set it up”

A few calls and it was all set up. I asked Karen Bryant and Wade Eck to be there to video the whole process and they said yes. Once GSP and Anderson were in the same room, it was like they were two old college buddies. Laughing it up, talking in multiple languages and really enjoying the experience. They talked about their families, going to carnival in Brazil, Formula One races in Montreal, the state of MMA, what was next for both of them and then their injuries and rehab. It was incredible how well they got along and it’s something I’ll never forget.

This is a ONE OF A KIND PRINT on cotton fiber paper that will be customer framed based on agreed specifications.

The hand wraps that Anderson & Georges wore for this photo shoot have been autographed by both of them and will accompany the artwork in their own separate case.

The photographer, Eric Williams will signed the artwork in the presence of a Notary Public.


The image Size is 48 x 72

Approximate framed size 53 3/4 x 77 3/4


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